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Artwork Ragnar persson


There was a double homicide on the forgotten Swedish countryside several years ago. Two angry young men beat two young women to death, seemingly without any particular reason. The years passed but the images in our heads did not disappear. We tried to forget it, wrote screenplay after screenplay, but we always came back to those murders, and to telling the story about a part of Sweden that we never read about in newspapers, and that is populated by people whose thoughts and destinies rarely reaches beyond their village.

Savage is an existential portrayal of a place and a forsaken underclass that’s given up any thoughts of a future.

Sixteen years ago director Martin Jern and Emil Larsson met in the military working as commandos. We directed the award winning feature Fourteen sucks together, and it was all about just having fun. But the years passed, life took a turn, our hearts weakened. The strange feeling of being abandoned by God gave birth to a film about being trapped in the darkness, screaming for redemption and forgiveness. Everyone has a Savage deep inside. Everyone wants to keep it in there.

Directed, written and produced by: Martin Jern & Emil Larsson
Production company: Dansk Skalle AB

Cast: Magnus Skog, Sofie Karlsson, Stefan Söderberg, Emelie Sundelin, Rolf Jarl.

Co-producers: Film i Skåne, Helsingborgs Stad, BoostHBG, Sveriges Television, with
support from the Swedish Filminstitute.

Shooting format: Super16mm
Screening format: 35mm 1.1:85 color
Running time: 82 min
Sound: Dolby
Language: Swedish
English subtitles

Distributor: TBA
Sales: TBA
Premier: TBA


Blogger Lars M said...

Snackar vi bio eller DVD?
Ha det bäst, Lars M/ "Stellan"

måndag, 30 augusti, 2010  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Hur far man tag pa den?

fredag, 03 september, 2010  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Jag behöver en mailadress till er!
min mail:
tel 0735-08 64 61

söndag, 17 oktober, 2010  

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